Waldorf Links

Pinterest Boards
Queen's Lace--lots of great boards for grade level, handcrafts, seasons, months, etc.

Blogs that help with curriculum planning
A Little Garden Flower  A Journey Through Waldorf guides
Ancient Hearth
In These Hills
Lower Case Learning
Our Little Nature Nest  Great for 2nd and 3rd grade lesson ideas
Schooling from the Heart
The Waldorf Way
Untrodden Paths
Heirloom Seasons
The Parenting Passageway
Waldorf Homeschoolers  Katya's blog
Autumn Oak Homeschool  She has posts on 3rd grade and below.

Waldorf School Blogs
River Song Waldorf School
Ithaca Waldorf School  handwork & more blog
Willing Thinking Feeling  another handwork teacher
Teaching Handwork
Sanderling Waldorf School
Olympia Waldorf School
Eugene Waldorf School
Philly Waldorf Blog
London Waldorf School
On Windy Hill

Blogs that inspire with beauty and handwork ideas
Teaching Handwork
Frontier Dreams
The Magic Onions
Waldorf Mama

The Bearth Institute
A Little Garden Flower--shop
Bob and Nancy  Click on the bookshop link
Christopherus Homeschool
Steiner College  Click on online bookstore link
Oak Meadow  They are Waldorf-inspired.  The older the guide pre-2000 the closer to Waldorf.
Enki Education
Making Math Meaningful
Teaching Packets for various topics
Live Education
Waldorf Without Walls
Millennial Child

The Online Waldorf Library
Waldorf Curriculum Studies--Volume 1: Science in Education 
Teaching Science Through the Grades  Good middle school resource
Stories for 1st and 2nd Grade

Other Shops
A Child's Dream Come True
Waldorf in the Home
Paper Scissors Stone

Ideas and Inspiration
Waldorf Teacher Gallery
Mathematical Tale Winds  math stories
Movement for Childhood
Pythabacus Lessons
St. Michael's Orthodox School  Several neat ideas.  Search through the site.
Rhythm of the Home  A quarterly magazine filled with ideas and encouragement.

Other resources
Waldorf Family Network
Why Waldorf Works
Waldorf Library
Rudolf Steiner Archive
Rudolf Steiner Audio
The Waldorf Connection  She runs a summer online seminar.

Waldorf Groups
All Kinds of Waldorf Things  Buy and Sell
Homeschooling Waldorf  A Little Garden Flower's group
Waldorf Curriculum & Supplies  Buy and Sell
Waldorf Home Educators  For those who follow Waldorf closely.
Waldorf School Online  Earthschooling
Waldorf in Indiana  This is my group for people doing Waldorf in my home state.


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