Time Management
The ability to manage your time so that you are able to do the things that you want and need to do is an important skill.  It is also an ever evolving process. 

Time Management Posts

Organization of the school and home can help make things run smoothly and allow you to have more time for those things that you like to do best.  Areas that you may do organization and planning for include:  your home in general, your school supplies, and your lessons.

Organization Posts
Planning Posts

Other sites to help with organization:
Donna Young
Highland Heritage Forms
Homeschool Tracker

Blogs with awesome ideas for organization:
Everyday Snapshots Explores Homeschooling  Very visual, very nice organizing the schoolroom posts.
In My Own Style  She transformed an old chest of drawers and some dollar store bins into a great organizational place.
Our Tidbits of Learning  Before and after pictures of organizing the classroom area.
Schooling from the Heart A nice planner page for the whole school year.
Homeschooling for His Glory Lots of before/after ideas for clutter and junk.
Refined Metals Academy some nice organization ideas, teacher binder pictures
Delightful Learning great organization ideas
I'm an Organizing Junkie  dedicated to organizing
To Be Busy at Home classroom and home organization
Hall of Fame Moms  some nice posts
Life as Mom 
Wildflowers and Marbles  She did a great post with pictures of how she organizes all her items.

Cute Classrooms:
One Mom's Walk very cute!
What We Do All Day  I think her classroom is the garage?
Chatter and Clatter  a series of attic rooms and cubbies
Protecting the Seeds  2 small bookshelves

To help with housework/chores:
Fly Lady
Motivated Moms

Neat Blog Posts on chores:
Schooling from the Heart  Love this post on chores wheels and charts.
Workboxing is a way to organize your school day.  There is a specific way to do it but it is perfectly fine to adapt it to your situation.  We use workboxes to organize our material so that we have everything we need already in the drawer when we start the school week. Follow the links for more information:

Sunflower Schoolhouse
Review of Workboxes
Workbox Posts

Blogs about workboxes:
1+1+1=1  uses some Montessori ideas, has a preschool curriculum
Aussie Pumpkin Patch  Nice Fun Filled Themed workbox posts
Eclectic Whatnot  Very pretty system.
Heart of Wisdom  Organization posts but mainly workboxes.
Noggins and Nonsense  A pocket based system.

File Crate Systems
I read about this system of organization on Rockin' Granola.  You have a folder for each week of the year and sections within for each child so that you can easily organize all of the information and materials that you will use with your kids.

By Sun and Candlelight  Rockin' Granola linked this site as the source for her file crate system and the place from which all the rest started..
The Vintage Homemaker a post with pictures of her file crate system.
Beyond Homemaking  2 crate system
Sunflower Faith  Lots of helpful information here.
Springs of Joy Homeschool  Very detailed, very visual, very step by step.
Filing System post
One Day at a Time
Carr Homeschool
Fanning Flame
We Don't Need No Education
Pieces of Us  Love the rainbow themed organization!
Binder Systems
This system uses binders to organize your lesson plans and/or final work.

The Pioneer Woman 
Jessica's Quarterly Binders

Household binder system:
Organized Home  everything you need to get started with one.
Pieces from Me  Nice examples of a binder.