Lapbooks and Lesson Plans

I did the research and someone else created the booklets.  Have fun with these:
Rabbits (wild and tame)

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Free Lesson Plans and Helpers
Spell to Write and Read List C Sample Worksheets
Singapore 1a & Rod and Staff 1 Lesson Plans  This is a matching up of concpets from the two books.
A List of Grimm's Fairy Tales by Concept
Local Geography Block  A 2-week lesson block or unit on local geography and map-making.
Grade 2 Lesson Plans Weekly plans for Oak Meadow 2
Grade 3 Lesson Plans Weekly plans for grade 3.

Lesson Plans and Helpers for Purchase

Schedule for My Pals are Here 3a
Schedule for My Pals are Here 3b
My Pals are Here 4a Leson Plans
My Pals are Here 4b Lesson Plans
Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis Unit Study

Language Arts:
Worksheets for Spell to Write and Read Lists A-M

Lesson Plans for Minimus


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