Ways to Make Learning Fun

Lapbooks are a wonderful way to meet the needs of both learning styles.  With a lapbook you make a visual outline of a topic that includes booklets that you open in various ways to find the answer.  Our favorite resources:

Homeschool Share  Free lapbooks that are mainly literature based.
Homeschool Helper  Some free lapbooks.
Hands of a Child  My favorite lapbooks for 3rd and up.  They have study guide and all the answers are there.
Home School in the Woods  Beautiful, detailed lapbooks perfect for 5th grade and up.

Making books:
Let's Book It
Making Books with Children
Mirkwood Designs  There are some really neat papercrafts here.
Shape Books
Preschool Express Shape Books
Making Mini-Scrapbooks
Making Books Blog  Cool stuff on this blog.

Lapbooking Blogs:
Lapbooking Tumblr
Lapbooking 101
Making Books with Children
Trying to Walk Wisely
Our Homeschool Style: Lapbooks
Just Us Freebie page

Lapbooking groups:
Lapbooking  This one is run by Hands of a Child
Lapbooking 101
Love to Lapbook  This one has a wonderful links section with all the lapbooks organized by subject alphabetically.

Our Lapbook Posts

Notebooking is a wonderful way to make learning visual and concepts easy to remember.  Here are some links for that:

Notebooking Exhibit

Notebooking Pages
Homeschool Journey
History Scribe
Notebooking Pages.com
Hold That Thought

Notebooking Blogs:
Notebook Learning
Practical Pages
Notebooking Nook

Notbooking groups:
Homeschool Form Share
HS Treasure Trove
Notebooking Nook

The hands-on materials used in Montessori are excellent for a hands-on learner.  I was able to make a lot of things myself using these websites and files from the groups.

3-Part Cards and other printables:
Montessori For Everyone  They have a monthly freebie.
Montessori Materials  Many freebies.
Guide Square
Livable Learning
Polestar Montessori  freebies
Wikisori  A free resource
Montessori Print Shop
Nice 3 part cards
My Montessori Journey

Free Montessori  Language and math albums plus printable as well.
Montessori AMI Primary Grades
Montessori Mom
Shu-Chen Jenny Yen's Ablums  Mainly toddler and preschool
Great Lessons

Montessori Groups:
CC 6-9 Language Arts
CC 6-9 Math
MM2 Culture
MM2 Geography
MM2 Language
MM2 Math & Geometry
MM2 Zoology
MM Science
MM Share
Montessori Swap
Montessori Makers
Montessori Tweens
Playschool 6

Blog that has a wonderful blog list of Montessori blogs broken down into groups:
What did we do all day?
Montessori Elementary at Home
The Moveable Alphabet
I love Montessori
Homemade Montessori
Seattle Montessorian
The Learning Ark
Montessori Secrets
One Hook Wonder  Hosts Montessori Monday
Maybe Montessori  Lots of pictures and ideas
Sunrise Learning Lab  Another blog full of ideas and pictures
A Bit of This and A Bit of That  Tutorials and downloads.  Wonderful resource.

Our Montessori Posts

File-folder Games
File-folder games can be a lot of fun and help reinforce learning.  If your children like to play games then you may want to take a look at these sites:

Crafty Chic
File Folder Games  page down to find links
File Folder fun
Games for Learning
Word Game Boards

Spelling Helps
Busy Teacher Cafe
Teacher Web
Spelling Word Practice
My kids also like to use alphabet stamps and stencils to do their words.

Reading Helps
Beginning Reading
Mes English
Rock 'n Learn

The Toymaker


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