Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Social Interaction

What kinds of things do we do to meet our children's social needs?  I know that's a question that a lot of people wonder about especially as we are reaching the "What about prom?" years.

My daughters have been active in a play group that has now evolved into a get together and talk about stuff group for almost 8 years.  So every week (or just about every week), they get together with the same group of friends that they have built relationships up with over the years.

We are also involved in a weekly co-op which gives them classroom and lunchroom experiences.  So when they go to college they will know what it's like to go to class once a week, sit in your seat and interact properly with classmates and the teacher.  All while doing their work on their own at home.

Also, they are involved in a monthly anime club at the local library that includes non-homeschooled children.  So yes, they are not totally isolated in their own world but they also know how to talk to kids whose education is far different from their own. 

Group music lessons is another thing we do that gets them out of the house and interacting with their peers. 

Plus, just being out and about in the community doing things like going to the library, the local stores, the park, or going to community events or museums.  There is lots of opportunity for us to get out and make new friends.

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