Monday, April 14, 2014

High School Line-up

So what are we planning for ninth grade?

Algebra II--we will use MathUSee since it's been a good fit for upper level math for us. 

Biology--through the local co-op using Apologia.

Japanese--Rosetta Stone and I am looking at Genki's An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese I for bookwork.

English--they may offer speech at the co-op and then we will work on composition and short stories at home

World Geography--using tour guides and the internet to explore and travel the world.

There may be other things offer at co-op like art, study skills, home ec, etc.  Or we may explore like topics at home.  My oldest spends a lot of time drawing on her own.

I know you are wondering why Japanese?

Well, my children found manga early on as a way to help find joy in reading.  That led to anime and role-playing games from Japan.  It also helped them to develop a love of drawing.  Currently they only watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles.  They would like to be able to read their books, watch their shows and play their games in Japanese eventually. 

My daughter's main goal for high school is to get into college and pursue a career in math or science.

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