Sunday, July 8, 2012

School Supply Shopping List

It is time to think about shopping for school supplies.  The stuff is hitting the stores and going on sale.  I guess local schools start the new year on August 6th.

Shopping List
2 backpacks for co-op
2 lunchboxes for co-op
2 new bags for junk they want to take to playgroup
2 sets of 50 Supertips Crayola markers
2 sets of colored pencils
green folder
2 small pencil boxes for co-op
2 pencil sharpeners for co-op
20 notebooks
5 red folders
5 purple folders

I may also get my older daughter the set of manga drawing markers that they have at Target.  She loves to draw cartoons and I would like to give her the tools she needs for her craft.

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