Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Tour de Fleece

It has been a busy time lately.  The neighbor across the street backed into my husband car, we almost had a fire with a lamp, and I have been working in this heat making pies and selling them at the farmer's market.  But I have had time to spin in the mornings.  It really helps center me and has gotten to the point where it is a very relaxing activity.

I've been working on my alpaca cloud.  I had about 8 ounces in there and have gotten it on two bobbins.  I am thinking that I will Navajo ply each one since I have spun them very thin.  Pictures:

Bobbin #2 is a very pretty brown with a bit of veggie matter in there.  You know those alpacas can be so naughty running about getting all tangled up in the weeds.

Bobbin #1.

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