Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fractions and Square Roots

Homeschooling this summer has been really rocky.  Our toilet was leaking and so we have ended up remodeling the whole thing.  It started with just moving the toilet out of the closet and getting a smaller vanity but we found tile on clearance and so the whole bathroom has been in shambles for about a month.

Our biggest goals for this summer were to prepare my oldest daughter for algebra and the literary analysis class.  She needed to work on negatives, exponents, roots, and order of operations.  Also, she needed to learn to write not only a paragraph but a five paragraph paper.

Negative numbers, exponents and root work is going well.  We will start working with order of operations today and I think she will be fine for algebra.  As for writing, I am still working with her on paragraphs.  The teacher recommended Jensens' Format Writing.  I liked Writing Strands better.  We still have two weeks before her class starts so she should have paragraphs down by then and we will just have to work on the rest as the class goes on.  She does have Call of the Wild read and is working on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

As for my youngest, we are getting started on fractions.  She is doing well in math as long as she has her fact sheets for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.  If she doesn't hit a big wall with fraction work, I think that she will be on track to start algebra by her 9th grade year which is on track for the majority of students.  And you know 10th grade is OK too.  She can still do geometry and algebra II before graduating.

The other big thing that she has been working on is learning Hieroglyphics.  She picked up a book at a thrift store on them and has been studying the unilateral signs and is getting started on the bilateral signs.  She really enjoys this and is driving the project herself.  I just help her with the pronunciation guide.  I'm starting to wonder if this will be the foreign language she puts on her college applications.

Other than the interruptions, I think they are making a lot of progress this summer.

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Mumbles said...

I really enjoyed reading! I homeschool my 14 year old son, and the algebra is a bit of a challenge, mostly because neither of his parents ever learned it. We're doing pretty well, but every once in a while something hits and we're left scratching our heads and asking, "But--but why did the symbol change?" Thank goodness for the internet and all those tutorial videos, huh?

I'll wander back--maybe I'll find some tips to help!



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