Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 4--Tour de Fleece

For day 4 of tour de fleece, I finished off my Nerd Wars "cover me" project and chain plied my pastel striped yarn.

It took me about 90 minutes to navajo/chain ply this.  I watched a documentary called "Happy Grammar" while I did it.  I think that it went really well and I don't have as many "bumps" in this one as the first one.  By the way happy grammar was about a tribe that had no words for colors or numbers and no present or past tense.  I love linguistics.

And my Nerd Wars project for round 2 of tournament 5:

The yarn before finishing, the fiber with the book cover and the yarn on the bobbin with the book.  We were to match our project to a book cover from another "nerd world."  I chose the Warriors book because it went with the yarn.  They are both my older daughter's.  The nerd world they would belong to would be team shady cells for manga, anime and comics since it is a graphic novel or team one more page because it is from a series of books.  To tie it into my team, the Dothraki are a warrior people in A Game of Thrones.

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