Monday, July 23, 2012

Comic Books & Manga

Learning to read has been a struggle for both of my children.  Part of this process was finding something that they liked to read.  So many things out there for kids to read they considered "stupid" or "boring."  I found that cartoon, manga, graphic novels and comic books helped made reading fun and it helped all the skills to click so that they became fluent readers.

For my oldest the "Baby Mouse" books were what really got her into reading.  They are cute, fun stories that appeal to girls who are not into being all "girly."  My youngest daughter had everything click for her as she read bind-ups of old X-Men comics.  She really liked Storm and reading all about her adventures. 

Now they both collect comics which are kept in plastic bags with boards and we have a database file to keep track of which ones they own.  So they are learning how to keep things nice, organized and inventoried.

Many people think comics are not worthy of their child's reading time.  But many comics have large difficult words in the text, life lessons to learn, and explore science and imagination.  Many have links to mythology or classic literature.  My daughter loves many Marvel characters and Thor has opened up the world of Norse mythology and culture. 

Spiderman, Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic all love working with science and/or engineering.  The world of comics is full of doctors, teachers, moms, and all sorts of highly educated people who struggle not only against super adversaries but with life as well. 

Not everyone is comfortable with their kids reading these sorts of things but they are the gateway to books. 

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