Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teaching Literature in the Co-op

We have joined the co-op this year which means I either get to help or I can teach.  They needed a teacher for A Tale of Two Cities so I will be teaching that book this year.

Glencoe had a good free study guide for us to use.  The class will last for 13 weeks.  So what are we going to do each week?

read 4-6 chapters
short essay quiz over reading
disscuss the book (plot, characters, history, etc.)

And at the end of the semester they will have a 15 page paper and we get to watch the 1935 film version of the book.  Sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it?

I'm going to bring in Madam DeFarge's scarf (my version), look at fashions of the day, listen to music of the times and really my plans are to make Dickens come to life.  I want to get the kids to really like this book so that they will pick up others and enjoy the classics.

If this class goes well, then I can teach more lit classes for grades 9-12.  Like Shakespeare, science fiction, poetry, the Romantics, maybe even Renaissance.  Wish me well.

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