Monday, June 11, 2012

Nerd Wars: Submissions 2 & 3

For my second and third submission in Nerd Wars, I practiced and played with spinning.  Remember when I bought all those 1 ounce pieces of corridale in various colors?  Well, they are what I am using to teach myself to spin and ply on the wheel.

For submission number two, I decided to do the scientific challenge on "the transit of Venus across the Sun."  I had 2 pieces of roving in different shades of yellow.  I spun them and then plied them together. 

It is very thick and thin and the plying is crazy.  But the color reminded me of the brightness and color of the sun as well as the Targaryens in the A World of Ice and Fire books.

For submission number three, I decided to do the technical challenge of a tip for my craft.  Well, I have had a hard time learning to spin on the wheel. Twist has just not been there.  So at the fiber festival a couple of weeks ago, I saw someone else with a Lendrum and asked her about it and she told me that I need to tighten my tension on my bobbin and maybe use a faster flyer.  I was trying to use the regular flyer so I switched to the fast flyer and tightened up my bobbin.  Then I held my fluff until it had a good twist then let it go on the bobbin.  The difference was astounding:

It is a lot less thick and thin and the plying is more even.  I decided that this yarn was perfect for Joffery's younger sister who is only eight in the books.  Her mother looks good in these colors and they are so little girl.

Nerd Wars has been a lot of fun.

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