Thursday, June 28, 2012

And the Final Plans for 5th Grade

Fifth grade should only take 2 hours or so a day.  She will have 3 hours of classes at co-op and an hour of study hall each week.

The Classes:
math--5 days a week
grammar--4 days week (1 at co-op)
art--1 day at co-op
composition--4 days a week
spelling--2 times a week
history--1-2 times a week
zoology--3 days a week (1 at co-op)
Egyptian Hieroglyphics--3 days a week (she chose this)

The Curriculum:
Rod and Staff Math 4/5, Junior Analytical Grammar (for co-op), Ruth Heller books, Writing Strands 2, Spell to Write and Read, Oak Meadow History 5, Zoology 2 (swimming creatures), Egyptian Hieroglyphics:  how to Read and Write them.

Book List:
Ben and Me by Robert Lawson
Children of the Wild West
Harriet Tubman:  Call to Freedom by Judy Carlson
If You Sailedo nthe Mayflower in 1620
Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Sarah Morton's Day
the Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare
Where do you think you're going, Christopher Columbus?

She should have a fun year.  Our goals are to get skills cemented and start gearing up for middle school work.  Long division and fractions are going to be a huge focus this year as is learning to write well.  She loves Ancient Egypt and found the book on Hieroglyphics and would like this to be her foreign language that she studies. 

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