Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Queue: Knitting & Spinning 2012

This is a list of projects that I want to complete this year for knitting and/or spinning.

Beach Glass Juliana WIP, just need to finish the side and add arms
Long and Lean Jacket (for my mom)
Drawstring Raglan  (for my daughter, Noro Taiyo)
February Lady Sweater (for me)

Tardis through Space and Time (ribboned shawl, for me) WIP for WIP Wresting Ravelrylmics
Evolvre Shawl (for me, Classic Elite Classic Silk in green) shawl swimming Ravelrylmics

Mr. Hyde Socks (older dd) WIP
V-Junkie (younger dd, red sock yarn)
Felted alpaca slippers (husband's, need to finish spinning yarn)
(more to come)

Coral Cotton Skit WIP
Purple netted beach dress (older dd)
Super Slouch Beret (both girls have yarn for this)
Swiffer covers
Gloves for me

Green fiber WIP (finish spinning, ply and finish)
Alpaca cria WIP (finish spindling, ply and finish)
Corridale in Blue  Tour de Fleece  Team Tardis
Into the Whirled Merino/Silk top  Tour de Fleece  Team Tardis
Corridale in other colors Tour de Fleece Rookies

OK, that really helps lay it all out for me because my queue on Ravelry is just crazy and I can't figure out what I am wanting/needing to do next.

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