Saturday, May 19, 2012

Journey to St. George Island

We left on Wednesday at 3.  The ride down was so smooth and we missed all that pesky rush hour traffic.  When we hit Alabama, it was so nice to see my oldest daughter get all excited about the rocket in the rest area.  She is at that age now where they sulk and never smile.  She took some nice pictures.

The real excitement of the trip began around 2 in the morning when we got into Florida.  The road was two laned, with a light misty forest surrounding us.  Our first thought were of the "Forbidden Forest" and that werewolves live there.  We didn't see any werewolves but we saw a cute little red fox next to the road sniffing around.

Then we came over a hill and couldn't stop and the armadillo became a bump in the road.  Poor armadillo, he saw us and we saw him and we all made eye contact but it was too late.  He should have known better than to be sniffing around in the middle of the road.  But the real scary part was the deer that leaped out in front of our car.  I think my heart actually stopped beating but my husband was driving slowly and we didn't hit the deer. 

The water here has been a bit rough but we have found all sorts of beautiful shells.  I found a zebra starfish that had just died.  I was going to throw it back in the water but it was gone.  It was still a bit soft but I've dried it out now.  We also found several "green" and fuzzy sand dollars that didn't make it.  We've found enough sand dollars for all the children in our playgroup.  14 so far.

We've also found coral, shells with barnacles and all sorts of pretty shells.  Last night we had a great time playing in the tide pools.  My daughter's loved finding shelled sea creatures and putting them closer to the water and watching the burrow in the sand.  We also watched a crab, fed seagulls and chased a too-small fish my husband caught through the tide pools and back into the surf where he would swim back to my husband to be caught again. 

Then my husband caught a big fish.  He spent quite a bit of time reeling it in.  Then it was on the beach and it was a sting-ray.  He was a bit afraid of the tail and ended up putting the hook through his finger.  The first time in decades of fishing.  We spent a couple of hours in the local ER since it was 8:00 on a Friday night.  But all is good now. 

Can't wait for the adventure to continue.

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