Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adventures in the Sun

My oldest daughter has relaxed so much and lost a lot of that tweener sulleness.  She smiles and laughs and talks with us.  A lot of her time has been spent just digging holes in the sand and playing with the wet sand, letting it run through her fingers.  I think that the beach is great for children with sensory issues.  She doesn't even mind us driving aimlessly around the island.

My younger daughter loves to find tide pools and ride the surf.  She has found at least 3 or 4 sand dollars on her own.  She digs in the sand out in the tide pools finding creatures.  She will study them and then let them go free once more. 

My husband has spent a lot of his time fishing in the surf.  He has caught some speckled trout which will be nice to eat.  He also spends lots of time pointing out wildlife and such to the girls.  Yesterday, the dolphins were leaping out of the water and playing.

He also picked up a shell to bring home.  It was pretty and large and all in one piece with moss on it.  Well, later in the day, my daughter heard rattling in the shell bucket. The shell had a hermit crab in it.  It is quite large and we let it crawl across the floor.  They don't want to keep it for a pet so we will put it back where my husband found it.

It has been so much fun.

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