Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homeschooling Again?

We are thinking that even though we love her math and social studies, think that science is OK, we are hating the language arts and the time constraints of online public school.  So we are thinking of homeschooling next year.

7th grade
Science--Oak Meadow 7 Earth Science
Social Studies/History--Oak Meadow 7 World History or Oak Meadow 8 Civics (over 2 years)
Math--outsourced with Math U See and a tutor for Algebra
Language Arts--Test Lessons in Reading, reading books, writing
Art--online tutorials and books from the library

5th grade
Science--Oak Meadow 5
Social Studies/History--Oak Meadow 5 Early American History and Geography
Math--Rod and Staff 5
Language Arts--Scott Foresman books and worksheets, reading books, writing

Plus, watching lots of documentaries and the possibility of preparing a fleece for spinning in the spring.

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