Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Coat Project: Tracking Down Books from Norway

Well, I just did a search on Amazon for the book, Norsk Strikkendesign which contains the pattern for the coat that I love.  And found that it was published in English as well.  So I went to Google books to see if they had any information there and ended up clicking on the library search and to make a long story short, I've just requested the book through interlibrary loan.  It so happens that this pattern is living less than an hour away from me in another library.

So hopefully in a couple of weeks to months, I will have the pattern for Grey Stones, White Sea Trading and Boat Rugs in my hands to look over and see if this is really the coat that I want to make.  Now this one involves a lot of seaming so I am going to have to try some seamed sweaters before I make it.

Once I have it in my hands, I can decide if I want to do this pattern or another.  Then I can make decisions about fleece or top?  Spinning or buying yarn? 

It's all so very exciting.

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