Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coat Project: Spinning the Yarn Guides

I asked questions at Spin Love on Ravelry and got back a ton of information on do's and don'ts if I decide to spin the yarn.  Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas and information.

Here is a list:

1000 yards super bulky = 1000 to 1700grams (depending on the yarn) = 3-4 pounds of wool to account for errors and play.  It may only take 2 1/2 pounds of fiber to make the coat.
If I could get 100 yards on each bobbin then I would need 10-20 bobbins (if I do 2 ply).

Either dye the fiber or the yarn (dyeing then plying or dyeing after it is knit may cause serious problems).
Dyeing would also be the finishing step for the yarn.

Swatch this project--so that I get the amount of stitches & needles correct, another reason to make extra

Ply after all the yarn is spun, match up oldest & newest singles.
Heaviest texture for collar and cuffs
Thickest yarns for yoke & bodice go thinner as you reach the hem
Sleeves go from thick to medium never thin

Divide wool into 2 ounce lots or whatever fills my bobbins.  Would like to get 100 yards 2-ply on each bobbin.

Things I would need:
bobbin winder
10-20 storage bobbins (could be cardboard or shuttle)
A fleece or 3-4 pounds of wool
hand cards to make rolags (will spin woolen for lightness)
large pot for dyeing and possibly cleaning a fleece
dye (forest green & possibly dark brown)
a place to string up the fleece and the finished yarn to dry
pattern for my coat

Things I have:
spinning wheel
knitting needles
cable needles

And that is the beginning thoughts on spinning the yarn to make a coat.

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