Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coat Project: Possible Patterns

Here are the possible patterns for the coat:

Floral Felted Coat by Nicky Epstein
I have this pattern in the book:  Knitting Never Felt Better
Knit in pieces and then sewn together and finally felted.
Uses double knit (dk) yarn, about 4084 yards are called for.  Half in the main color and the rest in 13 other colors (approximately 82 to 170 yards each).
Has frogs for closure.

plus--cool coat, warm, have pattern on hand
minus--lots of dk, would be a bear to spin for this one, lots of seaming, where am I going to felt a coat?

The Sophisticate by Knit 1
Pattern costs $6.50
Knit top-down and seamless.
Uses around 1000 yards of super bulky yarn.
Adjustable pattern, can make longer/short sleeves, can make longer or shorter coat.
Would take around 4 pounds of wool, if I spun this one up.  I would make it in a dark forest green.

plus--top-down, seamless, easy, bulky yarn, could spin the yarn for it.
minus--have to buy the pattern but it's a decent price.

Cable Car Coat found in Bernat #530198 Ready, Set, Snow
Knit top-down, bulky yarn

plus--top-down, my husband likes it.
minus--have to find the booklet, little information without it.

Grey Stones,White Sea Trading and Boat Rugs
Love, love, love this pattern.
It's in Norwegian but you can buy it as a kit. 
Bulky yarn with mohair trim, knit in lots of pieces and sewn together.
3800 grams of main yarn
150 grams for bands, 50 grams for finishing
250 plus 900 grams of long-haired mohair
crochet buttons

plus--I love it, pretty, romantic, bulky weight
minus--not in English, lots of sewing

Sweater Coat by Katwise
Uses 20 wool sweaters that are felted, cut up and sewn together.
70 page tutorial with over 100 pictures
Pattern is $9, but free tech support and a group to talk about making the coat.
Serger and 4 spools needed (I have that.)

plus--unique, warm
minus--sewing with my serger, tracking down wool sweaters in colors I like, felting all those sweaters.

So there are the choices that I have narrowed down right now.  I have a few more on my coat ideas pintrest page but these are my top choices right now.  I think that the Sophisticate is winning unless I can track down copies of the Car coat or in English the Sea coat.

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