Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spinning Wheel Research: Hard Numbers

I've been sitting with various charts, research and a calculator.  These are my conclusions on my top 4 wheels.

Lendrum Original
double treadle ratios 6-10 is $570
Complete 5-17 ratios is $715
unless I go single treadle then complete is $575
I will need a storage bag for $100-200

So initial investment is $700-900 for 3 or 9 speeds.  And upgrade later for 4 more at $176.

Lots of people love this wheel and keep it long term.  It has lots of room for growth but it is really out of my price range.

Ashford Traveller
double treadle double drive with ratios 6-11 $585
I would need a kate and the maintenance kit.

Initial investment is $626 for 3 speeds.  I would need to purchase the quill or lace kit for ratios up to 30.  So I would need to tack on another $70 or $210 on to that price just to get started.  Again we are talking $800 range to get started on a spinning wheel.  Out of my price range.

Kromski Minstrel
double drive & double treadle with ratios 6.5-16  $539
I would want to buy the slow & fast whorl to add 4 & 18.75 ratios, an extra bobbin & a kate.

Initial investment is $641 including 6 speeds.  I may want to buy the jumbo flyer later on for plying.  This one is at the top of my budget.  I love the looks of it and have not really heard anything bad about them.

double treadle that folds up ratios 5-19 is $475
I would need a bag which I am having a hard time finding.

Initial investment is $475 including 5 speeds plus bag ($100-200?).  Later on I may want the plyer or the woolie winder.  So it may be $600 or so with a bag.

The Fricke and the Kromski Minstrel are really neck in neck in the competition right now.  They give me about the same range and are around the same amount of investment.  So those are my thoughts right now.

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