Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spinning Wheel Dreams

I am planning on buying a spinning wheel sometime in February.  I enjoy spinning my own yarn but want to use something a little more efficient and organized than my spindle.  With a spinning wheel you have bobbins and you can ply off the bobbins rather than wind the singles off the spindle onto a stick or into a ball so that you can ply it.

So I have been researching.  There are a few I really like.  But my budget is limited and I want to get the most for my money.

Ashford Joy
nice to look at
compact, folds up, would fit under the couch
ratios between 6 and 14
double treadle
but it is really out of my budget

Kromski Minstrel
nice to look at
about the size of a kitchen chair but a bit taller, I have a place where it would go
double treadle
ratios between 4 and 16
bobbins hold a lot of yarn
in my budget if bought new

Schacht SideKick
folds up and can be stored
double treadle
ratios 4 to 15
a bit out of my budget

I am really thinking that buying new the Minstrel is going to be the one that I will buy because it gives me a lot of choices, room for growth and it fits my budget.  If I can find one used, I may take another look at the Schacht wheels though.

What do I want to be able to spin?
plied fingering weight (possibly lace) to bulky
all sorts of wool, alpaca, angora and mohair
plus camel, yak, silk and cotton?
maybe even branching out into some art yarns such as slump or boucle

What spinning wheel do think would best fit what I want to do? 


WonderWhyGal said...

I think, of the three, that the Minstrel is simply adorable. I think the Sidekick is hideous and the Joy is nice but limited although being an Ashford you have more possibilities with bobbin sharing (I know from personal experience). Have you considered looking at the Classifieds Group on Ravelry. I have bought two wheels and a loom that way and had great experiences PLUS I got more wheel for the money.

I currently own an Ashford Elizabeth (my first wheel), an Ashford Kiwi(a nice workhorse) and the Lendrum which is absolutely my favorite. I had a Louet at on time but didn't care for it. I spin all the fibers that you want to spin on all of my wheels.

Good luck.

CloseAcademy said...

I scan the ads on Ravelry regularly. That's why I am asking about wheel ideas so that I can have an open mind when the time comes. I've seen some good deals on there. I'm also looking at the Lendrum DT as well.


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