Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fiber Goals for 2012

I have a lot of fiber and yarn.  And this year, I would like to spend time knitting through my stash and building up my homespun fiber skills.  Some of the things I want do:

socks--2-3 pairs (probably 6 pairs)
shawls--2 (1 needs to be spun before being knitted)
felted slippers--4 pairs (1 gets spun out of alpaca)
sweaters--3 (cotton yarn in stash)
purses--3 (2 need to be dyed)
hat--1 (probably more will be made)
scarf--1 (spun & knit)
Errol the owl

sweater in bamboo ewe
shawl in kimono ribbon

Other fiber projects:
 angora fur--spin and knit a swatch for 4-H
 mohair locks--flick and spin into yarn
26 ounces in 23 colors of corridale
1 pound of merino in white
1/2 pound of falkland in white

I am most excited about my wooly wonder kit.  It is 2 ounces each of  four types of wool (falkland, wensleydale, shetland in moorit, and blue faced leicester).  It is all cream and brown and I think it would be nice to spin it all up and make a pretty shawl.  Here is the kit:

Looks like fun?

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