Monday, January 16, 2012

Ashford Traveller or Kromski Minstrel?

I've been reading heavily on Ravelry about my prior list of spinning wheels:  Lendrum, Ashford, and Kromski.  After reading a lot of comparison threads, reviews and even asking some questions.  I keep coming back to the Ashford traveller and the Kromski minstrel.


Because they are such pretty castle wheels. 
They are at the top of my budget:  $600 with extras.
They both do a lot.

I read that I can use the whorls from other Kromski's with the minstrel so that it has a range of 4 to 18.75.  So I can make bulky to laceweight.  I can use it for plying.  It can be double drive or scotch tension.  It has a double treadle which I can treadle with either foot or both feet.  But the big drawback is that I am going to have to oil it a lot.

With the Ashford traveller, the ratios are 3.7 to 30.  And can do a lot that I can with the minstrel except it doesn't need all the oiling and it is a bit more expensive especially if I want to buy the extras.

This will probably be my last post about spinning wheel shopping until I go to the shops and try things out unless I can track down the local spinning group.  I've heard from 3 different people that there is a local group but I can track down information on dates, times and places for meetings.

So up and coming in the search:

trip to the shop that sells Ashford, Schacht and Louet wheels
trip to the shop that sells Kromskis
going to the spinning group meeting

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Anonymous said...

I see your post is a few years old, but I'm having the same decision to make and was wondering what you picked.


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