Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Rockin' Merino Hat

I finished the mittens and now I am working on a hat to match.  Here it is so far:

I also have the singles spun up of my corridale roving.  The next step is dyeing them rainbow with food coloring.  Here they are right now:

Hopefully, on Friday I will have a hat and mittens to share.  It will take a bit on getting the singles dyed and then they have to dry before I ply them.

Want to see more works in progress?  Then check out Tami's blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm so envious of all the things you make! ^.^ Every time I see photos of what you have knitted, I feel all warm and fuzzy. LOL It's like a placebo effect.

CloseAcademy said...

Knitting and now spinning is like therapy but I also get to be creative. It helps me deal with the stresses of homeschooling and everyday life.

Mami Dearest said...

Love the hat color! Can't wait to see the hat and mittens.

Danielle ~ AstashAddict said...

colour way is to dye for!! xx

Kathleen said...

I love the way the yarn is working up in the hat, and yay for dyeing with food colouring! Have fun! :D

pinkundine said...

Cool yarn for a hat, I love it! I must get out of my plain-colour-hat rut!


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