Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

Have you seen this book yet?

They go through and analyze all sorts of different fibers (mostly sheep).  There are pictures of the fiber before and after cleaning, small spun samples and even woven and knitted swatches.  It talks about the history of the breeds/animal but it also tells you what kinds of things the fiber works best for and how to prepare the fleece for spinning, weaving and knitting.  It's a very cool book.

So far I have found that I want to try out:

Hampshire--it looks so velvety when knitted and spun up because it is so dense. They are cool looking sheep as well.

Leicester Longwool--it looks so shiny and airy.  It is supposed to be sot enough to wear next to the skin and very good for lacework. 

Wensleydale Longwool--full of luster with a nice halo effect.  After reading about it in Spin-off, I tought it would be nice to use to trim things.

From reading other places, I know I also want to try out cashmere, camel down, quivet, silk, cotton, and yak.  As for fibers I have on hand right now:  German/giant angora, alpaca, mohair locks, merino, corridale and wool from a sheep whose breed I don't know.

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