Friday, November 18, 2011

Changing the Blog a Bit

The main focus of this blog for many years has been our homschooling journey.  It has changed and evolved over the years and currently we are using online public school.  This is fitting our needs better even though it is frustrating at times.  I still consider us a homeschooling family because I still spend quite a bit of time teaching and supervising the schoolwork that is done.

But I feel like this blog is evolving into more of an artistic expression place.  A place for our family to share what we have been working on.  Mainly my knitting and spinning.  But also to share the 4-H projects and other things my children create.

So Hawai'ian Dreaming is going to be more about the creativity side of our lives and less about what we are doing homeschooling wise because frankly, the online public school curriculum is thorough but it is quite boring.

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