Friday, September 30, 2011

Homeschool Update

We are now over a month into our new school year.  Online public school with my oldest is going well.  She really enjoys the positive reinforcement of grades and is doing well in math.  She also likes the movies and her live lessons where she gets to be a part of a class.  She does not enjoy the work she has to do toward studying for standardized testing.  Overall, I am happy with what she is doing.  She is being challenged and is working towards improvement in areas that I struggled with teaching.

Her curriculum is mainly by Pearson and the subjects include:

math, language arts, social studies, science, technology, health & PE, and art.

My youngest is doing a mix of child and parent led learning.  We are learning about the Vikings, finishing up the work for the 4-H Cat project and she is working on multiplication and division.  Her reading has improved and she is probably only a year behind in most areas of her work.

Her curriculum for this year:

math--Rod and Staff 3
social studies/history--lapbooks
phonics/spelling--Reading Treasures Spelling & Practice books
grammar--Scott Foresman
reading--easy readers

I am fairly happy about this year even though we are spending quite a bit more time doing schoolwork.

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