Thursday, August 11, 2011

Read Aloud: Rascal

We finished Harry Potter.  It was great to finish it but it is sad that it is over and there are no more adventures in the Wizarding World  for us.

So we have to find new books to read.  And since my girls both love wildlife and animals we are starting with Rascal.

We are on the second chapter and having so much fun reading about the antics of this raccoon and the other animals that Sterling North kept as a boy.  The story is set during 1918 and is a true one.  It takes place in Janesville, WI which is near where I grew up. 

My husband loved this book as a child and we hope to track down a copy of the movie once we are finished and watch it as a family.  This book could make a great unit study as there is a lot of great rabbit trails:

the state of Wisconsin
wild life as pets (raccoons, skunk, crows, woodchucks, etc.)
woods and waterways
Winnebago tribe
canoe making

And as I said we are only two chapters in and I know there are lots of great things further in. 

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