Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Afternoon

It was library day again.  I picked up a stack of Knit Simple magazines from the library.  They are OK and sometimes I get some ideas from them.  I really like Knitter's the best.

My girls picked up a bunch of books about cats and various breeds.  They have really enjoyed watching Cats 101 on Animal Planet and learning about all the different types of cats.

Our current read aloud is

We are about half way through the book.  The first Saturday it was out we watched the last movie as well and really enjoyed it.  The deaths of certain characters were rather stunning and made me cry.  I get rather attached to characters in books.  My girls wore their Harry Potter gear and really enjoyed the movie.

Things are starting to look more positive here.  I am signing my oldest up for the online public school this year as they have some good electives that she would like to take and we really can't afford to pay someone teach her.  She is looking forward to taking art and digital arts.

My youngest will continue to use Oak Meadow 3/4, Rod and Staff math 3/4, Spell to Write and Read with McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Reading and the occasional lapbook.

I also got a job in the evenings baking quick breads, pies, and cookies and such.  So we have been rather busy.  Not to mention all the knitting I do.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer, while looking forward to the new school year.

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