Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Joys of Cotton Yarn

One of my favorite fibers to work with is cotton.  It is soft to the touch and inexpensive to buy.  Cotton can also be very easy to work with or a little tricky.  It all depends on what brand and/or type of cotton you are working with.

First we have the inexpensive cotton that you find at Walmart.  There is the Peaches & Creme which is the "better" brand or the Sugar & Cream.  This cotton can be stiff and hard to work if you are using smaller needles or knitting too tightly.  I use a bigger needle and knit loosely to keep the flow going nicely.  Many people use these brands to make towels and dish cloths.  I used this to make a purse.

The next step up is the "baby" cottons.  These are "spun" a bit differently from the first cotton.  It is super soft and squishy.  I haven't worked with it yet but have plans to make some gloves out of it.

cotton is the next in line.  It feels wonderful and is a dream to knit.  I used these to make a towel and bought enough to make a sweater because it felt so good and knit so well.

There are many different types of cotton yarn and each is unique.  Cotton is a great yarn to knit with.

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Alyssa said...

I made fingerless gloves out of Tahki Organic Cotton for my mom that has Psoriasis on her hands. Those gloves felt sooooo nice, but if I had to frog them the ply in the yarn would un-ply... scary!


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