Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yarn Surprise

The mailman stopped by today and it seems that I won a contest at jimmy beans wool that I signed up for back in March.  I had completely forgotten about it and they had my address from a previous order so I was in shock when I got a package of 9 skeins of:

So I have1593 yards of this in a pretty beachy blue.  I am thinking of making a sweater or maybe a cover-up for the pool.  It's nice and soft.

This was a real nice thing that cheered me up.


Cindie said...

Can't wait to see your project. If you can, would you post stages? Thanks!

CloseAcademy said...

When I start working on it I will post progress and such. Right now I am working on a baby sweater for a friend and will post pictures on Wed.

Cindie said...

Oh, how sweet. I'm still working on a small blanket for my daughter's doll! I am so impressed with you!


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