Thursday, May 19, 2011

Answers to Comments

Next year's plans:

Fourth grade will start in January but my plans are to use Oak Meadow 4, Rod and Staff math 4, Scott-Foresman free language arts worksheets, and have her start reading some material on her own.

Sixth grade will start in June and our plans are to use Oak Meadow 6, Rod and Staff math 6, Scott-Foresman free language arts worksheets, Lively Latin Big Book 1, and some free spelling stuff I found online.

What pulled us down:

There are so many factors that pulled us down this past winter.  One of the biggest is that my in real life homeschool support network took some major blows this year.  We did not have a place to meet weekly during the winter months and so we all missed out on each other's support.  Also, I normally get depressed during the winter months but I usually have my friends to help keep my spirits up.  This year I did not have that.

So I felt pulled down by the fact that my family continues to struggle financially.  My husband is in sales and people just aren't buying things right now.  I also struggled with where my children are at academically.  Despite the fact that I try to make learning engaging and fun, my daughters both hate school and don't like to learn.  Thinking is something they try to avoid.  At times I felt like I have really failed them but I know that I have tried my best to encourage learning and make it fun.

So all of this really pulled me down.  I spent a lot of time feeling disillusioned, disappointed and depressed.  I've avoided all the homeschool forums, I would regularly visit because they just made me feel worse.  I avoided a lot of things.

But with spring comes rebirth and the chance to start anew.  I am feeling better again.  My playgroup is able to meet weekly again and I am ready to take on life and homeschooling.


Cindie said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I went through some similar things this winter and early spring. Cyberspace can make real life, day-to-day homeschool seem inferior. I left all the forums except Oak Meadow (and just started back there) because I was starting to doubt my choices and ability. I even blogged about "grass is greener" after I came back down to reality. All that to say, you are not alone. Thank you for always encouraging me! Your blog has been an inspiration during my self-doubt and I am grateful.

HeatherLee said...

Oh sweetheart. I will lift up some prayers for you. I have been going through very similar feelings. My husband is ready to move back to sunshine. We have a had a few beautiful days then bam rain. I was driving last week and the sun was beating down. I felt like a fog had lifted. I have been taking vitamin D for the past few years and I cannot keep my levels up.

Anonymous said...

There must have been something in the air :).

I just went cold turkey and pulled the plug to our internet for 1 whole week having similar feelings. I am going to be completely honest and say that I think it causes depression. I quit all yahoo groups and no longer search blogs for information. I am the best judge of what my children need.

Anyway sending positive vibes your way for a great summer :)


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