Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Quest for Yarn

There are times when you have a project in mind and you decide that you want to use a particular yarn.  Like in my project bag.  I wanted to make it rainbow and I decided to use Cascade 220 because it felts and my local yarn shop carries it.

But then, I realized after buying a few skeins that my yarn shop didn't have the exact colors I wanted.  Only a few of them were in stock.  So I had to go online and it took me a couple of months of scouring the yarn store, swapping and buying from other people's stash before I had my rainbow and was able to start my bag.

Other times, the quest is much simpler.  When I decided that I wanted to make a shawl out of silk ribbon, I quickly found what I wanted for a great price and had it in my hands within a week.

The quest can be fun.  Sometimes I just like to look at pictures of yarn online just to see what is out there and what people are doing with it.  I get lots of ideas about what I want to use in future projects and even what I want to make.

Yarn, it is something that is very intriguing.  What are you on the hunt for?

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Anonymous said...

The quest for yarn is definitely an adventure. Right now, I'm looking for just the right yarn to use for a sweater vest pattern I'm writing. I am also considering ordering more yarn for the Aran Afghan I'm knitting. I'm afraid I'm going to run out and I am worried they'll be out of my dye lot. :-/


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