Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly Report

We continue to push ahead.  Nothing much exciting going on just the dull plodding of schoolwork.  We are in the boring part of the year where I feel uninspired, tired and a bit uncreative when it comes to school.  I think we are really in dire need of a break.  We should have taken one this week with the Monday holiday and in honor of my oldest in much pain because she had 4 springs put in on her braces and I am just not feeling well this week.

So what did we do?

Third Grade

She totally gets sounding out now and it is only a matter of time before she edges me aside and picks up the books and goes off on her own.  She loves books.  It was just a matter of everything clicking.  In science we tracked weather and in math she is almost through working with the triplet facts as Rod and Staff teaches it and ready to start her new math book and explore new worlds.

Fifth Grade

My oldest did well with her spelling list and I think it has finally clicked that if she sounds out the words that she can figure out how to spell them.  Once we are past this then we can really dig into working with composition.  In science she continues to study plants and in history it is ancient Egypt.  In math we are working on English measurement which is very difficult for a child who has only been taught metric in the past.  Metric makes so much more sense--so why don't we shrug off the illogical system of English measure and switch to it?

Overall, it was a decent week but I am tired and feel like hibernating for a while.  Hopefully things will perk up next week.

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Pam said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say thanks for linking to my homeschooling one on your organization page. Can't wait to explore the other links there!


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