Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekly Report

We had a good week.  We have really geared up and I can't believe that we are five weeks into the year and our new curriculum.

Third Grade

This week she read American Paint Horses by Kim O'Brien.  She did a lot of work with sight words and phonics worksheets.  She continues to work on verbs.  We started a lapbook on the water cycle and learned about the oxygen cycle.  In math she is working on the 2's table and 14, 8, 6.

Fifth Grade

She read the book:

In grammar she worked on verbs and writing paragraphs correctly.  She was to copy a paragraph and change certain words to plural.  We had to work on the plurals and then the spacing and positioning of words and sentences within a paragraph.  This is the final product:

I am so happy with this third try.  She is really coming a long way.   We need to work on penmanship but she had a terrible pencil phobia in the early years and is only now writing without crying.

History was all about Mesopotamia and in math she is working on fractions.

Overall, it was a good but not picture worthy week.


Faith said...

Love all the erasing in the final product. Looks like she worked very hard. Kudos to her!

Karen said...

It does look like she worked hard. A very good week even without pictures is still a very good week.

MissMOE said...

Looks like a productive week.


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