Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weekly Report: Third Grade

It was a fun week.  We started the new school year off with some review worksheets of simple words.  Our goal is to get her reading fluently this year.  We are using the MacMillan McGraw Hill Phonics and spelling worksheets for grade 1.

These were super easy for her but she gained confidence in her reading and writing abilities.  In grammar we worked on proper nouns.  This week she read:

It is so nice that our library carries a good selection of nonfiction easy reading books that are easy to link up with the topics we cover.  She is also working on a lapbook about owls.

In social studies we did the nice little story about Mother and Father Time and all their children.  I drew this picture as the story was told:
I really liked how they explained the minutes and houses for the hours.  In science, the topic was the moon and the sun.  We read the book:

We are pulling together owls, the moon, the sun and rabbit folktales this month.  My daughter is really enjoying all of this. 

For math, she worked on facts within 13 and also started working on addition with regrouping.  Overall, it was a good school week for her and I am happy with her progress.


Robyn said...

I love that clock activity! Was that in a particular curriculum?

CloseAcademy said...

The clock goes along with the story about time that is found in Oak Meadow grade 3.



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