Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weekly Report: Fifth Grade

I think she is getting a good start this year and with the new curriculum.  We started with the stone age and ice age with Oak Meadow 6.  She read the book:

She also started working on her ice age lapbook.  In science we talked about the scientific method and how we observe things.

In language arts she worked on plurals and did a couple of worksheets on following directions.  This is a weak spot in her and we are using these fun worksheets to help.
In math, we continue to do review work and she struggles with following the directions on long division.  We've been working on the concept for years now and long division has turned her from someone who loved to do math to someone who hates it.  It is so sad. 

She also read a book for fun.  Her choice was:

She will finish it up next week and start another one.  She is reading through these more quickly as time goes on and I am confident by the end of the year she will be ready to read chapter books without all the pictures.

Overall, I am happy with this week and her progress.

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Robyn said...

That blasted long division... it really is a sticking point for kids. I love seeing your lapbooks. This is something I'd do if I didn't have so many kiddos! Maybe as they get older and can do more on their own we'll give it a try again. I really like the idea of them!


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