Thursday, January 20, 2011

Third Grade Weekly Report

This week was a good one.  She worked on proper nouns, reading and started doing pages for the days of the month.  Her big project was finishing up her owl lapbook:

She was happy to get it finished. 

But the big thing this week was that she learned how to knit.  Here is the beginnings of a little rabbit called "Taffy."

Yes, it has dropped stitches and such but once it is a square, I will help her bind off and we will shape it into a little rabbit.


Monica . . . said...

Love that lapbook! Make sure and post pictures of the "rabbit" when it is done. That is something I would love to get into.

Kel said...

Love the lapbook. I'm planning to do that one later on this year with my kids.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. We'll post pictures of the finished rabbit.

Sarah said...

Looks good. We're working on an owl lapbook right now too. Just need to get it all put on the pages.


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