Thursday, January 13, 2011

Third Grade Weekly Report

It was a good week for her and I think she really enjoyed it.  She started reading:

She worked on titles in grammar and more short a sounds in her phonics review worksheets.  These phonics and spelling worksheets can be found here.  Some of what she did:

I color in the lines to help with letter formation and placement.

In science she learned more about the moon and owls.  She made a page about what the moon influences:

She also started making pages for each day of the week.  We colored the pages the color for that day and then added the origin of the name and the symbol for the day.  Here is Monday through Thursday:

In math, I introduced subtraction with regrouping (borrowing).  She seems to understand the concept but needs me to walk her through the steps right now.  In time it should get easier for her.  Here is what we did:

She is making great progress and learning a lot.  I am really happy with her and what she is doing.  I know that eventually it will all make sense and she will catch up with her peers.  There is a path for her to follow in life and I can help prepare her but she still has to do the work and make the decisions.  Right now, progress is good.

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Irishmommy said...

What a clever idea letter placement! I hadn't ever even thought about shading the paper! Good!


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