Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Good Knitting Books

This week when I went to the library, I found some really great books for knitting.  My local library has a rather large section of books on knitting and so I have spent the last few months wandering through them looking for ideas, patterns and inspiration.

But I found a great one in:

This book was fun to read and I marked so many patterns I liked that I need to track this book down and buy a copy.  A lot of the patterns are for useful things like blankets, boxes, curtains, etc.  Great book, great ideas, and good color combinations.

This one really untangled cables for me.  I studied the diagrams in this one and was able to create my first cabled square.  They look so hard but with the pictures in this book, it really helped me to realize just how easy they are.  It also has a large section on cable stitches in various forms. 

Another book with tons of patterns that I want to try.  There are some pretty cool projects in this one.  A lot of knitting and felting books are over the top artistic or ho-hum.  This one was great.  My favorites include:

the lunch bag carryall
secret treasures purse
touch of fur scarf
slide on slippers
draft blocker

That's a lot of favorites.  Many of the pattern books I bring home, I page through or read and then take back to the library but every once in a while, I find some books that really speak to me and have patterns that I love.

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