Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Setting Homeschool Goals

By this time of the year, most families are about half way through their materials for the year.  And many fall into these groups:

disappointed in the child and struggling through the curriculum
disappointed in the curriculum and changed to something else
feels good but sees areas where they need to work harder
feels good about things

Most families will worry about the progress that their child(ren) are making.  This is oh so very normal.  Even though we don't like to admit we all probably compare our children's progress to that of others. Not realizing that "perfect" Paula down the street's mom is doing the same and finding her child not measuring up.

So right now, I am going to tell you.  Get rid of the guilt.  Your child should only be measured by themselves.  This isn't a race against others.  Everyone is unique and everyone has their own special talents even if it is to be good at many things but great at nothing.  Some will be great at one thing and struggle in many areas.  Everyone has their own journey to follow and their own place waiting for them in life.  Do your best, expect their best and go with the flow.

It is OK.

Now, my goals for the new year with our homeschool.

1.  Help my youngest to read fluently and not be afraid of reading.
2.  Help my oldest to become a fluent writer and not be afraid of spelling words wrong.
3.  Enjoy learning together.

What are your goals for the new year in your homeschool?


creekrose said...

this is so so true!! have had some of these same realizations along the way of being with children, and find it ever so humbling when shifting perspective then looking back with wonder again :0)seems to apply to the self as well . . . .what always gets me is that if i have a thought, no matter how new it is to me, someone somewhere is also having or has had that thought. and this knowledge is always a reinforcement for our connection as living creatures, at once alone yet touching everything. your goals put it simply and succinctly: i'm finding that when we are not enjoying what we do then even if we grind away at it all day, it won't take or have any long term benefit, almost can be called a total waste of time. enjoying what we do is so crucial.

dkjsv05 said...

" Everyone has their own journey to follow and their own place waiting for them in life."

This is SO well put !

ps LOVE those socks you are making !


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