Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning

We had a nice start to the school year.  Things are taking longer again and I have upped the workload.  Fifth grade didn't go too bad.  I am handing over more and more of the reading work to my daughter.  We spent about 30 minutes or so going over her work and then she spent about an hour working on her own.  This week will be more of a gentle introduction.  Once we get further into the ancients I expect it will take her 2-3 hours to do her work.

With my newly third grader, I had a lot of storytelling to do today as I introduced the new ideas and such.  I think she will really enjoy things this year.  Although her fear of reading was apparent today.  I am hoping that we can work through that and get her reading more and more on her own. 

I think it was a good first day back and it will be nice to see how things unfold over the next few days and in the weeks and months to come.  How was your Monday morning?

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