Saturday, January 1, 2011

Knitting Project Goals

I thought that this would be a nice time to write about my project goals for the year.  I have quite a bit of yarn that I have accumulated and a nice long quene at Ravelry of projects I want to do.  To help me keep organized, I decided to make a list of projects so it would be easy to pick and choose what I want to work on. 

Large Projects
Gryffindor scarf & mittens in small stripes--younger dd (scarf in progress)
Gryffindor scarf & mittens in large stripes--older dd
Felted rainbow project tote & needle case--I need cascade 220 wool in red & yellow
Felted wallet & change purse in blue
Felted spring colors bag, matching wallet & change purse--I need Bernant Felting wool in Poppy
Blue earflap hat & scarf--for me
White scarf & slouchy hat--older dd
Black & red hat--younger dd

Lacy rib socks--working on toe decrease
Gryffindor socks in small stripes--younger dd (need yarn)
Gryffindor socks in large stripes--older dd (need yarn)
Pumpkin socks in stroll--me
Alpaca in purple/gray--older dd
Mini mochi in red--younger dd
Country sock in blue--me
Knit picks dancing--younger dd
Tuttimusi socks--me & older dd
Online supersocke--mom
Chili socks--older dd
Paprika socks--younger dd

Other goals
learn to knit cables
practice lacy stitches
do at least 1 square a week for stitch sampler project

To help me on these goals I joined a couple of knit-alongs.  I joined:

Carefree KAL  Knit 1 project a month for the year
Well Trained Mind KAL  This one is for knitting or crocheting

I will also continue to participate in work in progress Wednesdays and finished object Fridays.  I'd love to see your goals for the year.

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Marushka C. said...

I admire your organization and goals! You have many fun projects lined up.


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