Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fifth Grade Weekly Report

How is fifth grade coming along?

Well, she had a sick day this week but the other three days went well.  She worked on possessive nouns and I started dictating early spelling lists for review:
I am trying to show her that she does know how to spell words and that she just needs to let go and do it.  By having her do these easy words, I am trying to build up confidence so that she will write on her own.

Science was all about observation and in history she continues to learn about the ice age and early people.  This week she learned about cave paintings and tried her hand at drawing rabbits:

Next week, I am going to have her paint this outline and she is also going to make some simple pottery figures. 

Math has mainly been review working with Roman numerals, long division and multiplication.  Next week we start the next chapter in her math book and it looks like she will be encountering some new concepts.

Overall, it was a good week.

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