Thursday, January 27, 2011

Combined Weekly Report

Third Grade

She had a good week.  She worked on capitalization of days and months, made a breakthrough in reading with sounding out the entire word.  I think it is all starting to click.  We learned about gravity and orbits. And she finished her first knitting project.

Taffy the bunny

Taffy from the side

Fifth Grade

She worked on verbs, learned about the basics of biology and Mesopotamia.  In math, it continues to be review work but starting next week she will be back into the thick of it with fractions again.  She started reading this book:

It appeals to her sense of adventure, love of animals and liking of things that are just a bit off.

As a family we are now reading:

We are already on chapter 5.  These books are going very quickly and the whole family is enjoying listening to me read them aloud. 

How was your week?


Amanda said...

We had a great week. I had to combine the last two weeks into one and half (stomach flu) but it really worked out nicely. Is there a central place that people post their weekly review?

Love the bunny by the way! And I am unable to see the books your talking about. I don't know why.


CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. The Well-Trained Mind forum boards has a thread each week that you can post on and link your blog post about your week.

Faith said...

How do you like Oak Meadow for 5th grade? We are pretty unschooly but sometimes I think my daughter would do well with a project oriented curriculum just to keep her busy! She's very active and very hands on. I've been looking at OM for her as a possibility.

Faith said...

Oh wait, I just noticed you are doing OM 6 for 5th grade! Did you do OM 5? Sorry, to bother you! But I've just been hanging out at their website a bit this week!

CloseAcademy said...

We did OM 5 for 2010. If you check out my 4th, 5th grade and oak meadow tags you will find plenty of posts about how it went for us.

I also did weekly reports for it all last year.

It's a wonderful program and we love it.


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