Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I completed a project over the weekend which I will showcase on Friday but I thought I would share my work in progress.  My girls have really enjoyed the Harry Potter movies and we are now reading the second book.

So while looking at the knitting section of books at the library, I found this:

It is now on my want to buy list as my girls have marked just about every pattern in the thing as something they want me to make.  I decided to start with the house colors projects and am making them Gryffindor hats.  Here is the second one as it sits in progress:
My oldest wanted the hat with the wide stripes.  My youngest daughter's hat is done in small stripes.  Each hat takes a short time  to make and the pattern is so easy that I could see using it for lots of different yarns not just Harry Potter style hats.  I am supposed to make mittens, scarves and socks to match. 

If you want to see more works in progress then check out Tami's blog.


Kathleen said...

My mom and I both love the Harry Potter books, and I bought her that Charmed Knits book a few Christmases ago! I think all she's made from it so far is the stuffed Errol the owl, LOL.

Your Gryffindor hat looks fantastic so far. :)

Affiknitty said...

You are going to be quite busy to get all those matching items knit up! How wonderful that you have an appreciative audience for your knitting. : )

autumngeisha said...

The patterns in that book look so much fun to knit. It is sometimes difficult to find patterns that kids are excited to wear, so what a treasure. I am sure your kids will love the hats.

Marushka C. said...

It's great that you have found a new way to combine your knitting and the things your kids love! I made my older daughter a Gryffindor scarf 2 years ago and she proudly wore it to the HP7 movie this month. She is convinced her younger sister is a Slytherin though so we may need to branch out to different house colors some day :-)

Tami Klockau said...

I'm a HUUUUGGGEEE HP fan and have been dying for that book. I've seen it once in person but it was before I knit. I should have just bought it anyway, like my husband suggested, because now I can't find it anywhere but online.


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