Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Still wondering what I might have been making with all that felt?  Here are some more pictures:
So I folded and ironed a crease into the green felt to cut out nice little squares, then I took my circle stencil and traced circles and stenciled numbers on the yellow circles which I then sewed onto the squares. 

I also knitted this little horse finger puppet.  She is supposed to be a gray Arabian.  I gave her a really wild and fuzzy mane.  What could she have to do with all of the felt?

She is going to help mark the days in advent.  Want to see the finish project?

It hangs a bit off and the pockets are not quite straight.  I am going to have to reinforce the top with a dowel rod or something else that is stiff.  We tucked the candy in the front pockets and the horse travels through the large pockets.  It took me about a week to put it all together and my dd loves it.

I am still working on the fall colors hat but it doesn't look much different than last week.  Now, I do have the cuffs done on both socks and am starting on the first heel flap.  Here they are:

I like the lace pattern.  I went a bit looser on the second cuff than the first but I think it will all be OK in the end.  Hopefully next week I'll have some finished socks to show.


Lauren said...

That advent calendar is great! Fab idea!

Kathleen said...

Your advent calendar is wonderful! My mom always got me the kind with tiny chocolates behind little cardboard doors as a kid, and it made December much more fun. I love that you made your own, the felt circles and stitching look great. :) (And those socks are beautiful, too.)

Tami Klockau said...

Great job on the advent calendar! It looks awesome!

I really love the pattern of the socks you're using. It's awesome!

Joycers said...

What a great idea for an advent calendar!

Denise said...

I like your advent calender. Love your socks too. That lace pattern is very pretty.

autumngeisha said...

I really like your advent calendar. The horse is a great idea
and must add to the fun of counting down the days. Your socks are progressing nicely. The colors are terrific.

Anonymous said...

I love those socks! What pattern are you using? The color is great too. Do you like knitting both socks in tandem? I usually knit all of one then all of the other.

CloseAcademy said...

I've kind of melded 3 patterns into 1. I have a pattern for Cascade socks, then I found the ribbed lace pattern in the book Knitting from the toes up and then I found my stitch numbers in a chart on another site. I've got all the details & links on ravelry under my project pages. I use Closeacademy on Ravelry.


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