Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekly Report

My girls have spent since Tuesday playing Wii.  I got everything hooked up and working.  They take turns being in charge in 30 minute periods.  First one picks out the game and leads and then the other takes her turn being in charge.  It's been going well and they are worn out at bedtime.

So what are they playing?

They were able to link their Club Penguin accounts to the Wii and earn more points.  My oldest daughter loves this one the best and spent most of Tuesday and part of Wednesday conquering the island.  It is funny when my youngest does the sack race, she jumps along with her penguin and ends up winning a lot of times.

Friends introduced us to the inappropriate rabbits.  They are a lot of fun and this is my youngest daughter's favorite game.  She has spent a lot of time playing the games with a rabbit dressed as an ancient Egyptian queen.  This game is not for every family but it is a lot of fun if that sort of humor is OK in your family.

And this one which came with our Wii has taken up a lot of my older daughter's time as well.  At my Dad's house she is a pro when it comes to fencing and does really well flying the plane.  My Dad who is a heart patient was able to lose a lot of weight playing this and the Wii Sports one.  He plays a game with one hand and then plays it again with the other and has a whole workout routine he follows.

So I would have to say that this was a physical education week.  How was your last week of the year?

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